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Teresa Giovannini



Switzerland, 1983




English, Italian, German




Teresa Giovannini is a founding partner of LALIVE (1994) specialising in international arbitration (including setting aside proceedings with the Swiss Supreme Court), as well as art law. She has participated in more than 170 international arbitrations (115 as arbitrator, including 81 as presiding or sole arbitrator), either ad hoc, in particular UNCITRAL, or administered by various institutions including AAA/ICDR, ICC, ICHEIC, ICSID, LCIA, SCC, Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Chamber of Commerce of Venice and Swiss Chambers (Geneva, Zürich and Ticino). Her areas of specialization include disputes relating to procurement contracts, sales, license, agency, joint venture and shareholder agreements in a wide range of sectors, in particular infrastructure projects, aviation, transfer of technology, construction of turnkey factories, pharmaceuticals, insurance, luxury goods and arts.


Teresa Giovannini is a member of the ICC Court of Arbitration and the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR since 1 July 2015. She was a member and vice-president of the LCIA Court from 2006 until 2011 and a member of the Arbitral Council of the Milan Chamber of Arbitration from 1997 to 2005. Teresa Giovannini is also a member of several panels of arbitrators, including the ICC Swiss National Committee, the panels of the ICDR, the Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC), the CIETAC, the CRCICA, the DIAC, the ICHEIC and the LCIA. Since 2012 she has been included on the ICOM-WIPO List of Mediators with specific expertise in art and cultural heritage. She is currently a member of the global advisory board of the New York International Arbitration Centre (NYIAC), a member of the Council of the ICC Institute of World Business Law, the International Law Association Committee on Arbitration (Swiss Member), the Board of Directors of the American Arbitration Association, the Advisory Board of the Transnational Arbitration Association, the LCIA Company and the Club of Arbitrators of the Milan Chamber of National and International Arbitration. She furthermore presides the ICDR Committee on Ethics. Mrs Giovannini is a member of many other professional associations, including ASA (Swiss Arbitration Association), the Swiss Society of International Law, the Swiss Society of Jurists, the Comité français de l'arbitrage, the International Arbitration Institute, the International Arbitration Club, and the International Bar Association (Arbitration and Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committees).


Teresa Giovannini is also a frequent speaker at international conferences on international arbitration as well as the author of many publications in the field of international law and arbitration.  She has been ranked for many years by Chambers Europe and Chambers Global for Dispute resolution – Arbitrators for Switzerland, as well as in the International Who's Who of Commercial Arbitration. She has recently been listed among the Best Prepared/Most Responsive Arbitrators by the Global Arbitration Review (GAR).


Before joining Lalive Budin & Partners in 1985, Teresa Giovannini trained in Rome (Chiomenti & Partners, 1983-1985) and in Geneva (Turrettini & L'Huillier, 1981-1983), after having worked as a legal counsel in Geneva (University Hospital, 1977-1981) and in Freiburg (Public Health Department of the Cantonal Government). She graduated from the University of Freiburg in Switzerland and studied at The Hague Academy of International Law (1974).


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Academic Positions


University of Oxford, Queen’s College

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) Diploma Course in International Commercial Arbitration, 2016

Day Four, Workshop II and Day Five, Procedure for the Arbitration”

September 2016


University of Oxford, Institute of European and Comparative Law, BCL/MJur International Commercial Arbitration  

Distinguished Guest Seminar Series

“Ex officio Powers of tribunals to investigate the facts and the law: when do arbitrators cross the line?” And “The Arbitrator’s Initiative: Facilitating the Settlement of the Dispute” 

February 2015


Selection of recent conferences (for a complete list, please contact Teresa Giovannini):

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)European Users’ Council Symposium
Tylney Hall, United Kingdom, 12-14 May 2017

For more information, see the programme.

ICC5th MENA Conference – Advanced Level Training Programme in Oral advocacy
Dubai, 3 April 2017
Speaker: Oral advocacy, party autonomy and the determination of the facts of the dispute: the opening statement at the hearing

For more information, see the programme.

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)CIArb International Arbitration Conference 2017
Dubai, 8-11 March 2017
Speaker: Immunity of Arbitrators

For more information, see the programme.

AAA / ICC / ICSID 33rd Joint Colloquium on International Arbitration : Commercial and Investor-State Arbitration: Towards Convergence?
Paris, 9 December 2016
Speaker: Arbitrators’ Conduct in Cost Allocation and Fixing of Arbitrators’ Fees

For more information, see the programme.

Comité Français de l’Arbitrage (CFA)Le Contrat devant l’arbitre à l’épreuve de la réforme française du droit des contrats
Paris, 4 November 2016
Speaker: L’amputation du contrat par l’arbitre

For more information, see the programme.

Center for International Legal Studies (CILS)9th Biennial International Arbitration Symposium
Salzburg, Austria, 2-5 June 2016
Moderator (Panel on Ethics)

For more information see the programme.

ICC Institute of World Business Law and School of International ArbitrationPowers and Duties of Arbitrators: Rules, Law, Practice and Ethics, Emergency Arbitration and Dealing with Sanctions
London, 29 February 2016
Speaker: “Dealing with uncooperative counsel”

For more information, see the programme.

Club Español del Arbitraje (CEA)Tempus fugit. La urgencia en el arbitraje-L'urgenza nell'arbitrato
Rome, 23 October 2015
Speaker: Cómo agilizar el procedimiento arbitral (Medidas cautelares de derecho o de mérito sobre los hechos documentalmente probados)

For more information, see the programme.

International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) and LALIVESettlement Opportunities Before, During and After Arbitration
Geneva, 17 September 2015

For more information, see the programme.

Juris Conferences LLCEleventh Annual Leading Arbitrators’ Symposium
Vienna, 30 March 2015

For more information, see the programme.

Columbia Law School and the Columbia International Arbitration AssociationColumbia Arbitration Day 2015 - Back to Basics: Enduring Challenges in International Arbitration Law
New York, 6 March 2015
Speaker: Res Judicata and Collateral Estoppel in International Arbitration

For more information, see the programme.

Global Arbitration Review (GAR)3rd Annual GAR Live New York
New York,19 September 2014
Panellist & Judge:
Session 2: GAR Live Symposium
Session 3: Innovation and IA – the good, the bad and the ugly
Session 4: Oxford union - style debate
Motion: ''This house believes witness examination is useless and should be abandoned''

For more information, see the programme.

Practising Law Institute (PLI)International Arbitration 2014
New-York, 9 June 2014
Moderator (Panel on the Case Management Conference)

For more information see the programme.

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)European Users’ Council Symposium
Tylney Hall, United Kingdom, 9-11 May 2014
Moderator: Practice and procedure

Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) and the Chamber of Arbitration of MilanArbitration Practice Seminar
Tremezzo (Italy), 21-23 March 2014
Co-panellist: Documentary evidence and The arbitral tribunal’s decisions

For more information, see the programme.

ICCA and the Scuola Superiore della Magistratura in collaboration with the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan and the Associazione Italiana per l’ArbitratoICCA New York Convention Roadshow
Naples, 3-4 March 2014
Speaker: Analisi degli articoli 3 e 4 della Convenzione

For more information, see the programme.

Juris Conference LLCNinth Annual Leading Arbitrators’ Symposium on the Conduct of International Arbitration
Vienna, 25 March 2013
Panellist: “ Effective and Efficient Management proceedings – Including the preparation of Awards by Arbitrators”

For more information, see the programme.

Columbia Law School and the Columbia International Arbitration AssociationColumbia Arbitration Day – Remedies and Enforcement in International Arbitration
New York, 8 March 2013
Speaker: “Non-Monetary Relief in International Commercial Arbitration: Sources of the Tribunal’s power, Applicable Law, Types, Enforcement”

For more information, see the programme.

ICC Institute of World Business Law-Advanced PIDA TrainingParis, 3-6 December 2012
Speaker: “Production of documents: written evidence in international arbitration”

Associazione italiana per l’Arbitrato (AIA)-Rivista dell’ArbitratoL’ausilio giudiziario all’Arbitrato: tra sostegno, controllo e interferenza
Rome, 3 December 2012
Speaker: “L’ausilio istruttorio: l’assunzione delle prove”

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)European Users’ Council Symposium
Tylney Hall, United Kingdom, 14-15 September 2012

Institute for Transnational Arbitration – The Center for American and International Law24th Annual ITA Workshop – The Final Curtain: Post-Hearing Submissions, Deliberations and Enforcement
Dallas, 21 June 2012
Faculty Member

ICC Institute Masterclass for Arbitrators“Overview of fundamentals and best practices related to serving as an arbitrator”
Paris, 4-6 June 2012
Speaker: Arbitrator immunity

Milan and Rome, 15-16 May 2012
Speaker: L’assunzione della prova testimoniale - Dopo l’udienza

British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) Fifteen Annual Review of the Arbitration Act 1996: Enforcement of Arbitration Agreements and Awards-Harmonization or Divergence?
London, 19 April 2012
Speaker: A view from the outside on anti-arbitration injunctions – compared practices.

Juris Conference LLCEighth Annual Leading Arbitrators’ Symposium on the Conduct of International Arbitration
Vienna, 2 April 2012
Panellist: “Effective and Efficient Management proceedings”

1st Annual ITA Winter Forum1st Winter Roundtable on the Fundamentals of International Arbitration
San Francisco, 2-3 February 2012

CPR 2012 Annual MeetingDevelopments in International Dispute Resolution
New York, 12-13 January 2012

University of Geneva, Faculty of Law, Geneva Art-Law CentreInternational symposium: “Litigation in cultural property: judicial and alternative means of international dispute resolution”
Geneva, 11 November 2011
Speaker: The practice of arbitration in cultural property matters.

International Bar Association (IBA)Annual Conference
Dubai 2 November 2011
Panellist: Arbitration Committee: Winning damages and other remedies in international arbitration

AAA and ICDRInternational Symposia in Advanced Case Management Issues
Dubai, 1 November 2011
Faculty member

Chinese European Arbitration Centre (CEAC)/ Chinese European Legal Association (CELA) Dubai, 31 October 2011
Speaker: Equality and Neutrality in CEAC

ICC Seminar on Arbitration and MediationDoha (Qatar), 30 October 2011
Speaker: Introducing Arbitration and Mediation

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)The Costs of International Arbitration Conference
London, 27- 28 September 2011
Speaker/Moderator: Comments on Current Problems- International Users (Arbitrator’s perspective)

For more information, see the programme.

Chartered Institute of ArbitratorsDiploma in International Commercial Arbitration (International Arbitration)
Oxford, St. Anne’s College, 10-18 September 2011

Milan Chamber of ArbitrationJournée d’étude en l’honneur de Giorgio Schiavoni :
Milan, 27 June 2011
Speaker: Devono le istituzioni arbitrali avere una pubblica funzione?

For more information, see the programme.

Institute of Energy Law (IEL)- International Bar Association Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law (SEERIL)3rd International Oil and Gas Law Conference
London, 26-28 June 2011
Panellist: Recent Reforms in International Arbitration

For more information, see the programme.

Institute for Transnational Arbitration – The Center for American and International Law22nd Annual ITA Workshop – The Merits Hearing: Getting the Message to the Tribunal
Dallas, 16 June 2011
Faculty Member

Juris Conference LLCTake the Witness: Cross-Examination in International Arbitration
The Harvard Club, New York, 14 June 2011

International Bar Association (IBA)14th Annual IBA International Arbitration Day
Seoul, 3-4 March 2011
Panelist: Ex officio powers to investigate the facts: when do arbitrators cross the line?

Milan Chamber of Arbitration and the International Bar AssociationArbitration and the Courts: A Euro-Mediterranean Perspective
Milan, 19 November 2010
Speaker: Liability of arbitral institutions

AAA and ICDRInternational Symposia in Advanced Case Management Issues
Paris, 16 November 2010
Faculty: Managing the ICDR Guidelines on Information Exchange

International Bar Association (IBA)Annual Conference
Vancouver, 3-8 October 2010
Speaker: Arbitration Committee: Deliberations and duty of impartiality

TerraLexTerraLex 2010 Annual General Meeting
Washington DC, 2 October 2010
Speaker: Disclosure of evidence in international arbitration: the civil law approach

Georgetown Law CLE and West LegalEdcenterInternational Arbitration and Finality of Awards – A tour d’Horizon
Washington DC, 28 September 2010
Speaker: When do arbitrators lose their power to decide (or become functus officio)? Is there international consensus?

Chartered Institute of ArbitratorsDiploma in International Commercial Arbitration (International Arbitration)
Oxford, 11-19 September 2010

Institute for Transnational Arbitration – The Center for American and International Law21st Annual ITA Workshop – Commencing an International Commercial Arbitration: Fundamentals and Strategy
Dallas, 17 June 2010
Faculty member

Camera Arbitrale di Milano – Camera di Commercio di MilanoIl Nuovo Regolamento Arbitrale
Milan, 14 June 2010
Speaker: I poteri degli arbitri nella conduzione del procedimento

ICC - I.S.S.A. (Istituto Superiore di Studi sull'Arbitrato)The Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration
Rome, 5 February 2010
Speaker: The assistance of judicial authorities in the taking of evidence

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)European Users’ Council Symposium
The Grove (United Kingdom), 11-12 September 2009

ICC LondonAnnual arbitration practitioner's symposium
London, 9 July 2009
Speaker: Disclosure: different approaches to the same issue

Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) / Houston International Arbitration Club / University of Texas School of LawWeighing the facts, information exchange and presentation of evidence in international commercial and investment arbitration
The Hague, 14-15 May 2009
Speaker: Privilege and ethical obligations involving production and protection of evidence

Practising Law Institute (PLI)Web Programme International Arbitration 2009
New York, 24 March 2009
Speaker: The international arbitrator’s point of view?

For more information, see the programme.

AAA and ICDRNeutrals Conference and International Symposia in Advanced Case Management Issues
San Diego, 27-28 February 2009
Speaker: Managing the ICDR Guidelines on Information Exchange

ICC Institute of World Business LawWritten Evidence and Discovery in International Arbitration: New Issues and Tendencies
Paris, 24 November 2008

International Bar Association (IBA)2008 Annual conference
Buenos Aires, 12-17 October 2008
Panellist: Buying art – the worldwide market (Committee on Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law)

ITA-CBAR4th Annual ITA Americas Workshop: Insider Insights in Complex Energy Disputes, Conference on International Arbitration
Sao Paulo, Brazil, 21-23 September 2008
Speaker: Impact of local proceedings

ICCA 2008Dublin, 7-11 June 2008
Speaker and commentator: rules-based solutions to procedural issues

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)European Users’ Council Symposium
Tylney Hall (United Kingdom), 9-11 May 2008
Co-Chair: session on jurisdiction

ICC Institute of World Business LawArbitration Day: Hearing and Deliberation
Paris, 8 April 2008
Discussion leader: hearing and deliberation on provisional measures

UIA-LAWASIAMediation & Arbitration in International Commercial Disputes
Jaipur, India 8-10 February 2008
Speaker: The Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States (the ICSID Convention) and recent developments

ICDR International SymposiumAdvanced Case Management
Paris, 15 November 2007

International Bar Association (IBA)Annual Conference
Singapore, 14-19 October 2007
Speaker: The art of advocacy in arbitration

European Branch of the Chartered Institute of the Arbitrators (CIArb) & SCC InstituteEast Meets West in Stockholm
Stockholm, 28-30 September 2007
Speaker: Multiparty arbitration notion - consolidation

For more information, see the programme.

ICC Institute of World Business LawInstitute Specials: Training on International Commercial Arbitration
Paris, 24-25 September 2007
Moderator: Production of documents

Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA)18th Annual Workshop: Insider Insights; Complex Energy Disputes
Dallas, 21 June 2007
Speaker: Hearings before the arbitral tribunal: impact of local proceedings

Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law, Section for Arbitration and Other Dispute ResolutionArbitrators: Private Judges, Service Providers or Both?
Stockholm, 10-11 May 2007
Speaker: Relationships between arbitrators and parties: practical problems

International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR/AAA)Fall 2006 International ADR Program Series
New York, 11 October 2006
Speaker: The Common law/civil law gap: the issues and how international arbitrators may resolve them

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Lebanon and UAE BranchesEntry and Memberships Courses: “The Law, Practice, and Procedure of Arbitration”
Beirut, 25-26 June 2006
Tutor/Speaker: Decision making and the award and the requirements of an award under the UNCITRAL Model Arbitration Law and the 1958 New York Convention

Camera Arbitrale Nazionale e Internazionale di MilanoCorso di Formazione alla Luce delle Recenti Evoluzioni Normative, Quarta Edizione “L’Arbitrato: Fondamenti e Tecniche - La Decisione del Tribunale Arbitrale. L’Arbitrato Internazionale”
Milan, 23 June 2006
Speaker: Praticare l’arbitrato: raffronto tra i principali regolamenti arbitrali internazionali

International Centre for Dispute Resolution, Young & International (ICDR Y&I)Anniversary Seminar: Appointing the Arbitrators; Strategic Choices and Considerations for Parties, Arbitrators and Institutions
Vienna, 8 April 2006

International Law Association (ILA)L’indipendenza del giudice e dell’arbitro internazionale
Milan, 10 June 2005
Speaker: L’indipendenza e l’imparzialit� dell’arbitrato internazionale

Global Center for Dispute Resolution ResearchAnnual Research Conference, The Global Center Survey of Leading Practitioners: Implications of the Survey Findings for Practitioners and Their Strategies
New York, 24-25 May 2005
Speaker: Interim measures of protection / Challenges of arbitrators / Jurisdiction

Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CIArb) & Court of Arbitration of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and IndustrySofia, Bulgaria, 19-21 May 2005
Tutor / Special Member Course: Swiss Arbitration Rules / International Conventions / Arbitrators: appointment and challenge / Swiss Private International Law Act – Chapter 12 / Law applicable to the arbitration clause and to the merits

Camera di Commercio di FirenzeCorso di formazione: L’arbitrato commerciale internazionale
Florence, 14 April 2005
Speaker: Principi e procedure: l’arbitrato internazionale amministrato: “Le istituzioni arbitrali internazionali: analisi comparativa dei principali regolamenti arbitrali internazionali”

Centre Français de Droit ComparéLes Droits et les devoirs des arbitres internationaux
Paris, 4 February 2005
Speaker: Qui contrôle les pouvoirs des arbitres : les parties, l’arbitre, ou la Cour d’arbitrage ?

For more information, see the programme.

Institute for Transnational Arbitration and Centre for Mediation and Commercial Arbitration of the National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City (ITA-Canaco)Workshop
Mexico City, 24 January 2005
Panellist: The most effective way to present the closing argument

For more information, see the website.


Teresa Giovannini advises on international arbitration and draws praise from peers and clients for her work as an arbitrator. She is experienced in matters pertaining to the pharmaceutical, construction and energy sectors.
Chambers Global, Dispute Resolution: Arbitrators, Switzerland (Band 4), 2017

Teresa Giovannini is exceedingly well versed in international arbitration, and wins praise for her great “dedication and professionalism”.
Who’s Who Legal : Arbitration, 2017

Teresa Giovannini earns praise for her experience as an arbitrator. She has acted on matters across the world, including Paris, and has recent experience of construction cases.
Chambers Global, Switzerland, Dispute Resolution: Arbitrators, 2016

Teresa Giovannini is “well regarded by all who have seen her in action”, and her experience encompasses more than 160 international arbitrations, including over 110 as arbitrator, 80 as presiding or sole arbitrator.
Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration, 2016

Teresa Giovannini is “very well known” for her arbitration practice, which sees her representing clients across the globe.
Who's Who Legal, Switzerland, 2015

Teresa Giovannini is a “formidable lawyer” who specialises in dispute resolution relating to procurement contracts, sales, licence, agency, joint venture and shareholder agreements.
Who's Who Legal, Switzerland, Arbitration, 2015

Teresa Giovannini is a well-established figure in this area, winning recognition for her skills as an arbitrator.
Chambers Global, Dispute Resolution: Arbitrators (Band 3), Switzerland, 2015

A “greatly respected” lawyer with experience in dispute relating procurement contracts, sales, licence, agency, joint venture and shareholders agreements.
Who's Who Legal, Arbitration, 2015

Praised for her “impressive skill set”; she has acted in more than 150 international arbitrations.
Who's Who Legal, Switzerland, Arbitration, 2014

Teresa Giovannini is widely respected as an experienced and savvy arbitrator. Her impressive market standing is shown by her membership of a plethora of arbitration panels, including her position as a member of the board of directors of the AAA and ICDR.
Chambers Global, Dispute Resolution, Switzerland, 2014 

Founding partner Teresa Giovannini is commended for her ‘personable approach'.
The International Who's Who of Commercial Arbitration, 2014

Teresa Giovannini is ‘very well known' and a veteran of more than 140 international arbitrations as counsel and arbitrator.
Who's Who Legal, Switzerland, 2013

Teresa Giovannini is ‘outstanding'.
Who's Who Legal, Switzerland, 2012