Une tradition universitaire


“Clos d’Ambonnay”: controversial decision about the registration of trademarks consisting of a foreign GI
Thomas Widmer, 2017

International Trademark Association (INTA) Bulletin, vol. 72, N° 15, 1er septembre 2017

The International Investigations Review (Switzerland Chapter)
Daniel Lucien Bühr, Marc Henzelin, 2017

In : N. Bourtin (éd.), The International Investigations Review, 7ème éd., Law Business Research: Londres, 2017, p. 253-290

The stumbling block in asset management disputes: the quantifcation of damage in Switzerland
Nicolas Ollivier, 2017

IBA Banking Law News, Vol. 24, N° 2

Individualarbeitsrechtliche Streitigkeiten im Schiedsverfahren
Angela Casey, 2017

Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) Bulletin, vol. 35, N° 2, 2017, p. 266-280

Défense de la Défense : L’engagement de l’avocat suisse
Sandrine Giroud, Myriam Fehr Alaoui, Nicolas Gurtner, 2017

Anwalts Revue de l’avocat 6/7/2017, p. 267-270

Annulled International Arbitral Awards and Remand: Can/Should the Same Arbitral Tribunal Take the Case Anew? A Short Analysis from a Swiss Perspective
Teresa Giovannini, 2017

In : P. Shaughnessy and S. Tung (éds.), The Powers and Duties of an Arbitrator - Liber
Amicorum Pierre A. Karrer
, Wolters Kluwer, 2017, p. 103-111

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